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We absolutely love it when people contact us to learn more about the Church, or maybe just to chat. Maybe you are looking for some relevant information like service times or possibly how to get involved in a specific area. Get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you.

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+2753 723 1929

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1 Hendrick van Eck Road & Hans Coetzee Street, Kathu, 8446

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Sunday Service Hours

Our Sunday Services includes heartfelt dynamic worship , with messages that aim to equip and inspire the whole family.
Join us on
Sunday Morning 9:00AM 
Sunday Afternoon 17:30PM (E4 12)

SLT Youth

Church’s Community outreach Youth Ministry,ministering to the Youth of Kathu with the vision of seeing a Youth captivated by Christ’s Love, rooted in Faith and Fellowship, passionate about Discipleship. Fridays @ 7:00 PM

Kids Ministry Hours

RadiKids is an incredible kids ministry in the church. It is a launching pad for nurturing the faith of the next generation.
Join us on
Sundays 9:00AM & 5:30PM.
Fridays 7:00PM

Youth Ministry Hours

Epic Youth is our church’s youth ministry on Sunday mornings , focused on Discipleship and empowering our Teenagers to Follow Jesus and to impact the world around them.
Wednesday 6:30PM – 8:30PM

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